You provide the hardware and we provide you with the tools. Host up to 10 game servers, for € 24.99/mo.

Dedicated machines simplified


GSA:DediConnect helps you manage your dedicated machine, making dedicated machines accessible to anyone.

With GSA:DediConnect you get access to the performance of dedicated machines, without having to worry about the technical aspect.

How does it work?

You rent a machine and connect it to our platform. Anyone can do it with our guides, we promise!

Step 1

Choose a provider from our supported provider list.
Order your desired machine and open the “Prepare your X machine to connect with GameServerApp” guide for the chosen provider.

Step 2

Follow the guide with many images, to guide you through the installation process. No experience is required to do this, just click as the guide instructs.

When the installation has finished, our platform will take over.


We set up a list of supported providers. For these providers you can find guides that help you order, configure and connect the machine with GSA.

  • 3.5Ghz or better
  • 64GB+ memory (RAM)
  • 500GB+ disk (SSD or NVMe)
  • Fresh installed OS (Linux or Windows)

Using a machine with lower specs may result is poor performance or limited space.
Additionally installing GSA without a fresh installation of Linux or Windows can cause issues.

Yes, you keep full access to your machine, because it’s yours.

About 99% is the same. Things like GEO separate backups are not available for DediConnect. With DediConnect you are responsible for the hardware, where GSA is responsible for GSA:Hosted hardware.

That depends on the dedicated machine. On average each game server will use 7GB of RAM (memory). If you want to host 10, we recommend you have at least 70 GB of memory available on the machine. Make sure to reserve at least 4 GB or RAM for the machine itself. So for this example you would need at least 74 GB of RAM.

You can currently use Ubuntu 16.04 or Windows Server 2019 (Standard).

We set up guides for every step in the process.

Connect your Windows server using the Windows guides.

We currently support installing:

  • MySQL
  • Syncthing

You can up and downgrade at any time. Please not that downgrading will require you to remove game servers from the machine.

After installing GSA on your dedicated machine you can no longer apply for a refund.

Knowledge base

Fully packed with 100+ guides to help you utilize all features.


We provide you with a high performance game server.


Connect a game server you rent or host elsewhere to GSA. Connect 2 for free.