Create a shop powered by automated in-game delivery and subscriptions.

To money or not to money

Let players buy from the shop using tokens they can earn by playing on the servers or real money. It's up to you.

Supporter Tiers

Players can purchase Tiers with money.

Shop packs

Players can purchase Shop packs with tokens.


Endless reward combinations


Create unique Shop packs and Supporter Tiers that people want to buy.

Whitelist / VIP access
Discord roles
In-game items/events
Skip queue
EXP boosts

Discount code / Sale

Set up a sale like "BLACK FRIDAY" or generate coupons for loyal players.

Set up discounts for Shop packs and Supporter Tiers.

Coupon codes
Sale events (i.e. Black Friday)
Specific "Custom Role"-only discounts
Global and Player discount usage limits

No transaction fees

Earnings go straight to your account, without any delay.
GSA does not charge any transaction fees.


Flexible settings

Every community is different, so we made shop packs very flexible.

Order limits
VIP-only items
Restrict to specific servers
Min./Max. character level requirement (optional)

Tokens gems

Expand the in-game economics with Token Gems.
The gems can be consumed, traded, or stolen. Upon consumption, the amount is added to the player's Token balance.



Set up renewal rewards and what needs to happen when the subscription is canceled.

Please note that not all features are available for every game and some may require an add-on.
Visit the supported features per game page for more information or get in touch.

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