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“I would recommend 11/10 times.” is doing things that I haven’t seen anyone else do, on levels I haven’t seen anyone else do.

GunSmokeRP wouldnt be the success it is without The amount of back end tools available to server owners and admins is fantastic.

The server performs excellently with minimal lag even with 100 players online.

It should be called web page building for dummies. Because, if i can do it, anybody can.
Michelle G.

Let me start by saying that I have used multiple hosting services for many games over the years and stand above the rest.

I must say it works exactly as advertised. No more being a slave to your server, I really mean it

All my members are loving the lag free gaming, they are loving the cool features such as automatic greetings
Lisa A.

We use our own servers and take advantage of the management interface and web page.

It is rare that a company lives up to its name but surely do. The quality of the support and the user-friendly tool itself is what made me change to this host from my previous.

Gameserver Community website

  • Website builder
  • Form builder
  • Automated shop for in-game delivery
  • Accept PayPal payments
  • Character and Tribe pages
  • Online tribelogs per tribe
  • Whitelist application forms
  • Webalarms via e-mail
  • Incl. subdomain
  • Available for self-hosted / 3rd-party servers

Integrated admin tools

  • Kick & Ban across all your servers
  • Additional admins (add your admin team)
  • Chatlog with search
  • Broadcast to one or multiple servers
  • Add notes per player
  • See who was online during a raid
  • Browse tribes + log
  • Dino & Item Replacement tools
  • Search for characters, users and tribes

Automated dedicated servers

  • 10+ maps, switch any time
  • Easy mod manager
  • Automatic update (inc. mods)
  • In-game countdown
  • Pre-configured servers available
  • Connected EU & NA servers in a cluster
  • Config templates
  • Schedule updates, restarts etc.

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