Admin tools

See who's playing on all game servers and enforce the rules.

Player details

Access all related info about players, like: their characters, casted votes, sales, deliveries, tokens, whitelists, achievements, Custom Roles and more.
Share notes per player with the team.


Search logs

See what players talk about in-game. Use search and filters to quickly find what you're looking for.

Run tasks based on chat

Setup automated actions based on things said in-game using Trigger-based tasks.


Rule gate

Tired of players claiming not being aware of rule X or Y? Setup a rule gate so players are required to acknowledge they read the rules, in order to play on the game servers. Bye bye excuses!


Find characters

See when characters are online and which game server they are on.

Multi-purpose deliveries

Use the delivery system to quickly replace lost items without waiting for players to come online.

Inspect groups

See in-game group logs and all members, including who owns the group.


Who doesn't like a warm welcome?

Increase player retention using automated welcome messages. Fully customizable.

Easy reporting forms

The built-in reporting tools allows players to easily report bad behavior or in-game issues. In-game reporting is available only using the GSA Integration mod.


Please note that not all features are available for every game and some may require an add-on.
Visit the supported features per game page for more information or get in touch.

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