Game server manager

Make your life easier using our auto-pilot for machines & game servers.

Designed for communities that host multiple game servers.

Easily manage 40+ game servers without spending hours on them.

Crash recovery

GSA continuously monitors your game server and restarts when issues are detected.

FTP access

You always keep access to your save files and other essential files via FTP.


Access useful logs via the dashboard per game server to quickly find what is causing the trouble.

Access control

Set up whitelist access, grant admin permissions, and import your existing ban list with just a few clicks.

One-click wipe

Wipe game servers manually or fully automated using tasks.

Switch game

Switch between the supported games with just a couple of clicks. In addition, GSA automatically restores previous backups.

Automated mods & plugins


Steam Mods

Automatically install any public mod from the Steam workshop website.

Countdown timer

Determine how long the in-game countdown should run before applying the update.

Plugins made easy

GameServerApp supports multiple frameworks, like ARK server API and uMod.

Easy installation & updates

The plugin manager will automatically update any plugins you installed using GSA.

Plugin configs

Maintain your plugin configs in your Config template for easy access.



Performance insight

See how your game servers perform and intervene before the problems cause issues for your players.

We got your back

GSA can resolve most issues autonomously and perform updates.


Monitoring 24/7

GSA continuously scans your game servers for problems and updates, including mods and plugins.

How updates work:
  1. GSA detects updates.

  2. Start the in-game countdown & notify the team via email.

  3. Automatically save and shut down the game server when the countdown runs out.

  4. Apply updates and check for potential issues.

  5. Start the game server(s).

  6. Confirm game server has successfully started.

Efficient controls

Schedule updates, restarts, or shutdowns for specific or all your game servers with just two clicks.


Always a backup available


GSA automatically back up your game server before each update and shutdown, so you never lose data. Set up daily backups or use tasks to create your custom backup schedule.


For GSA:Hosted game servers, we store your backups in multiple data centers, ensuring they are safe from a data center failure.

Config templates

Use a more brilliant way to manage your configurations. GSA automatically deploys the changes to all applicable game servers.


Weekend rates

With Schedule-based tasks, you can set up automated config switching. Great for automatic weekend rates.

Please note that not all features are available for every game and some may require an add-on. Check out the supported features per game for more information or get in touch. We recommend launching a free demo server and try GSA with your favorite game before purchasing.

Boost your community

We prepared a dashboard with demo data for you to poke around with, including a live demo game server to test all features for free.

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