Community tools

Integrate with Discord & Twitch, set up a website, application forms, etc.

Professional website

Set up a website for your online whitelist application form or a place where your community connects. No complex tech, just easy drag-and-drop.


Integrate the in-game world into your website.

Player & group search
Monthly donation progress
Forum, Calendar & News
Shop (single purchase & subscription)
Whitelist / Application forms
In-game group logs


Add application, whitelist, or staff recruit forms to your community website without writing a single line of code.


Forms have various automation options, like reporting new entries to Discord or automatic whitelisting upon approval.


Vote rewards

Easily set up automated rewards for popular voting sites.


Social integration



Two-way chat (Discord <-> in-game chat)
Player status (join/leave)
Game server status (update/restart etc.)


Give your Twitch subs access to your community game servers without human intervention.

Please note that not all features are available for every game and some may require an add-on. Check out the supported features per game for more information or get in touch. We recommend launching a free demo server and try GSA with your favorite game before purchasing.

Boost your community

We prepared a dashboard with demo data for you to poke around with, including a live demo game server to test all features for free.

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