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Frequently asked questions

What add-on configuration do I need?

Because each community is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we recommend starting with the basics and upgrading where needed. Feel free to reach out on Discord for personal advice.

Do I need add-ons?

No, we offer free tiers. You can buy add-ons to add additional resources.

What is a DediConnect slot?

You can connect unlimited dedicated root machines to GSA using DediConnect. The number of game servers & services you can install on your machines is determined by your add-on selection.

What are Admin team members?

To help manage your game servers, you can invite team members to your dashboard.

Why does GSA have add-ons?

Instead of making one fixed subscription, we offer customers the option to tune it to their preferences to help avoid paying for features they do not need, thereby keeping the price fair for small communities.

Can I cancel my add-ons?

You can easily cancel your add-on subscription at any moment. Canceling can be done via the add-ons page or your subscription overview.

How does up or downgrading work?

Simple! Change your add-on configuration to your need, and GSA will automatically calculate the difference. Upgrades charge immediately, and downgrades will apply on your next billing cycle.

What happens upon downgrading?

When you downgrade to a smaller plan, GSA will automatically remove/disable any resources over your new plan's limits. For example: when you have 5 DediConnect game servers and switch to 2, the system will automatically disable the last 3 DediConnect game servers you added.

How are changes billed?

Up- and downgrades happen on a pro-rata basis. Any outstanding balance upon canceling is not refunded.

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for Add-ons. However, if you want to try out features, we have a free plan!

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Is GSA the right tool?

Try the demo dashboard and poke around. No strings attached.

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