Team collaboration

Permission-based access for your entire team, without compromising security.

Efficient and secure

Unlock team access to many powerful tools that help you work efficiently without sacrificing security.



Grant different permissions per team, automatically applying to all members.

Read only mode
Protect your configs from copycats
Unlimited teams
Give access to specific sections
Manage per game server (optional)
Website access only


Test your team permissions using Test-drive, allowing you to see the dashboard using the configured permissions.


See who messed up

The admin activity logs show you exactly who did what.
It comes with filters and an option to report activity to your Discord server.


Please note that not all features are available for every game and some may require an add-on. Check out the supported features per game for more information or get in touch. We recommend launching a free demo server and try GSA with your favorite game before purchasing.

Boost your community

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