Power up dedicated root machines with GSA's auto-pilot software for machines and game servers.

  • First game server free

  • Easy and powerful

One-Click services

Install services like MySQL / MariaDB and Syncthing with One-Click installs.

Full access

You keep full access to the machine and files, because it's yours!

Linux & Windows support

Works with Linux and Windows machines natively.

Full feature support

DediConnect gives you access to all features GSA offers.

Uptime monitoring

Automatically receive an alert when a problem is detected with the machine.

Dedicated power

Get the best performance for game servers using dedicated machines.

Machines made easy

It's a myth that only tech-savvy folks can work with dedicated machines.


Multi-machine support

Move game servers across multiple machines easily and exchange backups.


Install a MySQL / MariaDB database with one click.

24/7 Monitoring

See how many resources each machines uses and avoid breaking issues.

More about DediConnect

Connect a machine or VPS

DediConnect works with self-hosted and rented hardware.
Connect dedicated root machines, VPS and cloud servers.

Order Hetzner Linux server
Order Hetzner Windows server
Auto-pilot for game servers

Game server tools

Make life easier using our auto-pilot software for machines & game servers.

Auto-install, update & crash recovery
Ban & whitelist sharing
Automatic (shutdown & update) backups
Auto-install & update mods/plugins
Grant permissions per game server

600+ slots for €58 p/m

DediConnect beats traditional game hosting pricing and comes with more features.

Ready for the future of game hosting?

See hosting providers

Access from anywhere, anytime

Manage your community and game servers from any desktop or smartphone.


Admin tools


Get a helicopter view so the team knows exactly what is going on inside each game server.

Keep notes per player & group
Manage whitelist access
Chat logs with filters & search
Rule gate
Kick, ban & mute

About admin tools »

Flexible shop


Sell items for real money or tokens. Tokens can be earned through various ways, like playtime rewards.

No transaction fees
Stripe, Patreon & Paypal
Discount sale & coupon codes
One-time payments & subscriptions
Sell in-game items & much more
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about DediConnect.

Which machines are best for DediConnect?

Check the docs to learn more about finding the right machine.

Recommended machine specifications

Check the docs for hardware specifications.

Do I keep full root access to my machine?

Yes, you keep full access to your machine because it's yours.

Can I set custom ports for game servers?

Yes, but we strongly recommend you don't. However, you can configure the Query, Game, Raw Game & Rcon / Telnet ports if you are stubborn.

How many game servers can I host on a machine?

This depends on the machine specs. Check the docs to find the right machine for you.

Which Operating Systems (OS) are currently supported?

Check the docs to see which OS's are currently supported.

Can I switch to a different Operating System (OS) later?

You can re-install the machine to switch to a different OS. GSA will automatically detect the new OS.

GSA platform IP addresses

Check the list of IP addresses GSA may use to contact your game servers / machines.

SSH Key Auth for DediConnect

When you prefer using SSH key authentication, you must manually add the following SSH key to your root user.

If you're unsure how this works, please use the standard password authentication. During the DediConnect installation, your machine automatically switches to SSH key auth, and the password is removed from our database.

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