Power up your dedicated root machine with GSA's auto-pilot for machines and game servers.

  • First game server free

  • Easy and powerful

Easy setup

We make dedicated machines easy, even when you have never done this: everyone can do this.

Full access

You keep full access to your machine and all its files because it's yours!

Mod & plugin support

Installing & automatically updating mods or plugins is easy and accessible to everyone.

Access control

Set up whitelist access, grant admin permissions, and import your existing ban list with just a few clicks.

Supported providers

Are you looking for a guaranteed smooth experience? Check out the Supported providers for step-by-step guides that walk you through all steps.

Auto-pilot for game servers

How it works

Make your life easier using our auto-pilot for machines & game servers.

Auto-install, update & crash recovery
Ban & whitelist sharing
Automatic (shutdown & update) backups
Auto-install & update mods/plugins
Grant permissions per game server

Access from anywhere, anytime

Compatible with existing game servers and dedicated root machines. We offer dedicated game servers if you don't have any of those.


Admin tools


A helicopter view to help you quickly root out the bad apples. Make your players happy without admin abuse.

Write notes per player & group
Manage whitelist access
Chat logs with filters & search
Rule gate

About admin tools »

Multiple shop options

Sell perks for tokens or real money. Great for playtime rewards or rewarding donors.

No transaction fees
Stripe, Patreon & Paypal
Discount sale & coupon codes
One-time payments & subscriptions
Sell in-game items & much more
About monetization tools »

Auto-pilot for game servers


GSA continuously scans your game servers for problems and updates, including mods and plugins.

Status report to email & Discord
Automated game, mod & plugin updates
In-game FPS & ping logs
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about DediConnect.

Which machines are best for DediConnect?

We set up a list of supported providers. For these providers, you can find guides that help you order, configure and connect the machine with GSA.

Recommended machine specifications

  • 3.5Ghz or better
  • 64GB+ memory (RAM)
  • 500GB+ disk (SSD or NVMe)
  • Fresh installed OS (Linux or Windows)
Using a machine with lower specs may result in poor performance or limited space.
Additionally, installing GSA without a fresh installation of Linux or Windows can cause issues.

Do I keep full root access to my machine?

Yes, you keep full access to your machine because it's yours.

What is the difference between GSA:Hosted and DediConnect?

About 99% is the same. Things like GEO separate backups are not available for DediConnect. With DediConnect, you are responsible for the hardware. For GSA:Hosted, we are responsible for the hardware.

Can I set custom ports for game servers?

Yes, but we strongly recommend you don't. However, you can configure the Query, Game, Raw Game & Rcon / Telnet ports if you are stubborn.

How many game servers can I host on a machine?

That depends on the dedicated machine. Each game server will, on average, use 7GB of RAM (memory). So if you want to host 10 game servers, we recommend you have at least 70GB of memory available on the machine. Make sure to reserve at least 4GB of RAM for the machine. So for this example, you would need at least 74GB of RAM.

Which Operating Systems (OS) are currently supported?

You can connect a server running Debian 10 & 11, Ubuntu 22.04, Windows Server 2019 (Standard) & Windows Server 2022 (Standard).

Can I switch to a different Operating System (OS) later?

You can re-install the machine to switch to a different OS. GSA will automatically detect the new OS.

Need help setting up a supported provider machine?

We set up guides for every step in the process.

Connect your Windows server using the Windows guides.

What services can GSA install on my machine?

We currently support installing:

  • MySQL
  • Syncthing

GSA platform IP addresses

You can find a list of the IP addresses that may contact your game servers/machines in our knowledge base.

SSH Key Auth for DediConnect

When you prefer using SSH key authentication, you must manually add the following SSH key to your root user.

If you're unsure how this works, please use the standard password authentication. During the DediConnect installation, your machine automatically switches to SSH key auth, and the password is removed from our database.

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Boost your community

We prepared a dashboard with demo data for you to poke around with, including a live demo game server to test all features for free.

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