Twitch & RP Whitelisting

Easily manage your whitelist with your team, or have all your Twitch subs automatically added.

Manage with your team

Setup your application form in seconds and start processing the applications with your entire team right away.

Online application form

Use the power of the web and add (admin, whitelist etc) application forms to your community website.

Twitch subs


With the Twitch sub whitelist feature, you can turn your server in a sub-only server, with just a few clicks!

You can specify which channels players should be subscribed to. When their subscription runs out, they are automatically removed from the whitelist.

3rd party game server support
The Twitch sub whitelist system supports 3rd party game servers. Connect your game server today and automate your whitelist.

Twitch whitelisting currently only works with STEAM games.

Login. Connect. Done!

Your subs can get on the whitelist, with just a couple of clicks. Our platform will take care of everything needed to get them on your whitelist, while you continue streaming.

Knowledge base

Fully packed with over 100 guides to help you fully utilize all features.

Twitch whitelist

Setup your Twitch whitelist in a few minutes and forget about it.

Setup Twitch whitelist guide

GameServerApp Whitelist mod

Enhance your whitelist with our GameServerApp Integration mod.

Install GameServerApp Integration mod

Customer support

Do you have a question or need some help with your game server?

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