Vote rewards

Connect over 15+ vote sites. Assign a Discord role, hand out shop tokens and more.

Up and running in minutes

Connect your server and setup rewards without the struggle.

After registering your game server(s) on the supported voting sites they will give you a special API key. You can setup the special API key on GSA per game server.

Your now ready to setup your vote rewards!

Endless reward combinations

Reward options:

In-game integration

Make it easy for players to vote with the in-game voting screen.

Discord integration

Players can request all vote urls with a simple !vote command. After voting they can claim the rewards using !claim.

Community website

Your vote urls are automatically integrated on your Community website.

Connect the various voting sites once and GameServerApp will automatically show your voting buttons throughout all media.

Knowledge base

Fully packed with 100+ guides to help you utilize all features.


We provide you with a high performance game server.


Connect your own dedicated (root) machine with GSA.