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Discord integration

Manage your community via Discord from anywhere. Setup in an instant.

Send and receive

Talk to in-game players or run RCON commands from your Discord app.

Get access to powerful commands that allow you to manage your servers.

Connecting Discord is done in an instant. Giving your community a major upgrade.

Easy setup

All status changes can be reported to your Discord server.
You can choose these settings per gameserver:

  • Gameserver status reporting (on, off, update schedule, restart scheduled etc.)
  • Player status reporting (online, offline, new)
  • Two-way chat (Discord <-> in-game chat)

The bot listens to all your Discord channel for commands. Your team can manage servers from anywhere.

Group / Tribe log

Your players can hook up their private Discord server and have their logs reported there.

Available for all gameservers connected with GameserverApp.

Give your players the tools they want, right out of the box.