Automatic tasks

Automate things like sending a Discord message, running in-game commands or restarting a game server based on a date, timer or in-game action.


Customise tasks with the drag-and-drop editor.

Activation options

Trigger based on in-game events like “Character came online” and “Player chat contains”.

Run base on a date / interval. Like “every monday at X hour” or “every X minutes”.

Add actions

A task can have multiple actions, which are executed in sequence.

You can use variables in actions, to further personalise actions:

  • {charname}
  • {chartokens}
  • {steamid}
  • {gameid}
  • {servername}
  • {serverwebsitename}
  • {clustername}
  • {groupid}
  • {groupname}

Pre-defined tasks

You can use pre-defined tasks and customise the actions and sequence, saving you a lot of work.

Scheduled & Trigger

Run tasks at certain moments or active a task based on in-game triggers.

Task examples

Automate weekend rates

Switch to weekend and normal rates fully automated.

(This feature is only available for GSA:Hosted and GSA:DediConnect products.)

Bad language reminder

Setup trigger words, so you can remind players about the rules.

Knowledge base

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