Boost your community

Manage players, create your Discord bot, monetise your community and much more...

Player management on steroids

Monitor players, tribes, chat log and other online activity using filters and intuitive actions. Build for teams.

The Rule Gate helps you make sure players know your rules.

Works out of the box with your favourite services

Monetization build right in

Setup endless reward combinations. Ranging from Discord shout-outs to in-game items.

Players access your shop on your personal Community website or in-game.

Your sales (on-time or recurring) are accessible to you and your team. Including a custom monthly target.

Automated game servers

Stop being a slave to your game servers. Automated game & mod updates can be configured separately with in-game countdowns.

Further automate your community with tasks, like automated weekend rates.

Connect your Discord and manage your game servers via Discord.

Knowledge base

Fully packed with 100+ guides to help you utilize all features.


We provide you with a high performance game server.


You provide the hardware and we provide you with the tools.

Tested by 229.000+ players worldwide.

Launch your free demo game server and test it for 2 hours.
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