Helping game communities get the best tools

Auto-pilot for game servers that has automation, monetization & collaboration tools baked in.

Built for teams

Great for streamers, RolePlay, and other popular communities that have multiple team members needing permission-based access.

Securely access from anywhere

Manage your game servers from any internet-connected devices without the usual security risks.


Powering communities in 44+ countries worldwide.


gamers worldwide
use our software

Access from anywhere, anytime

Compatible with existing game servers and dedicated root machines. We offer dedicated game servers if you don't have any of those.


Admin tools


A helicopter view to help you quickly root out the bad apples. Make your players happy without admin abuse.

Write notes per player & group
Manage whitelist access
Chat log with filters & search
Rule gate

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Multiple shop options

Sell perks for tokens or real money. Great for playtime rewards or rewarding donors.

No transaction fees
Stripe, Patreon & Paypal
Discount sale & coupon codes
One-time payments & subscriptions
Sell in-game items & much more
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Auto-pilot for game servers


GSA continuously scans your game servers for problems and updates, including mods and plugins.

Status report to email & Discord
Automated game, mod & plugin updates
In-game FPS & ping logs
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Frequently asked questions

Is GSA a game-hosting company?

Kind of, but not really. We offer software that helps you manage your game community. To make our software accessible to everyone, we also provide a hosted solution.

Do you lock in customers?

Nope. Our strategy involves constantly expanding and improving our software, so that customers want to stay with us.

Can I self-host the dashboard?

No, GSA is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. SaaS means you never have to worry about applying updates or fixing a broken dashboard. We take care of all that. But, of course, you can use DediConnect to manage your machine with GSA too!

How do I migrate my existing game server to GSA?

We recommend checking out our migration guide if you're looking to migrate to GSA. It's a simple process that only takes a couple of minutes.

Can I connect my existing game server to GSA?

Yes, you can! Check out RconConnect. Not all features are supported for RconConnect due to technical limitations.

I want to migrate multiple servers to GSA:Hosted; what do you recommend?

When migrating more than 5 game servers, we recommend you check out DediConnect.

Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, we have a demo server that is free to use. It does not require entering payment info and runs for 2 hours.

How to connect with GSA?

When you already have an existing game server, you can connect using RconConnect. To connect your dedicated root machine, check out DediConnect. Have neither? Check GSA:Hosted!

Why is GSA a SaaS platform?

SaaS (Software as a Service) means you don't have to worry about hosting the platform or updating it. Since GSA is about making things easy, the only logical solution was to design a system where customers never have to update the platform. We take care of all that. That's why GSA is a SaaS solution.

Can I connect my existing dedicated machine to GSA?

Yes, check out DediConnect to learn how to connect your dedicated machine with GSA.

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