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Every community is unique and needs different automations. That's why GameServerApp is packed with flexible tools.

Powerful tools

Turn chaos into order

The dashboard provides a helicopter-view for your game servers and comes with powerful player management tools.

Build a loyal player base with the help of automations, application forms and in-game achievements. All setup with a couple clicks.

The monetization tools help you cover the server costs or operate a profitable business.

Built for admin teams

Create different teams and setup permission-based access for the dashboard. Manage access per dashboard section, cluster or specific game server etc.

Access from anywhere

Manage your community via your mobile phone or any device with an internet browser. From anywhere on the planet.

One dashboard to rule them all

We design tools that are flexible and easy to setup. The tools help you run successful communities.

- Elusive

GSA has been the absolute BEST tool I have ever used for Ark server management. ...

- MapleBacnPancake MBP_TV has switched over to exclusively GameServerAPP. previously we w...

- M.M

This plattform is literally all you need if you want to easily manage servers. T...

Continuous development

We design our software from the ground up, asking questions nobody asked before. Rolling out smart & unique updates on a weekly basis.

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We truly believe that in order to create the best product, we need to listen and work together with our customers. Working on features and updates customers need.

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Frequently asked questions

Is GSA a game hosting company?

Kinda, but not really. We offer software that helps you manage your game community. In order to make our software accessible to everyone we also offer a hosted solution.

Do you lock-in customers?

Nope. Our strategy involves constantly expanding and improving our software so that customers want to stay with us.

Can I self-host the dashboard?

No, GSA is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. This means you never have to worry about applying updates or fixing a broken dashboard. We take care of all that. You can use DediConnect to manage your own machine with GSA though!

How do I migrate my existing game server to GSA?

If you're looking to migrate to GSA we recommend checking out our migration guide. It's a simple process that only takes a couple minutes.

Can I connect my existing game server to GSA?

Yes you can! Check out RconConnect. Do note that not all features are supported for RconConnect due to technical limitations.

I want to migrate multiple servers to GSA:Hosted, what do you recommend?

When you're planning to migrate more than 3 game servers, we recommend you check out DediConnect.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we have a demo server that is free to use. It does not require you to enter any payment info and runs for 2 hours.

How to connect with GSA?

When you already have a running game server you can connect using RconConnect. To connect your dedicated machine, check out DediConnect. Have neither? Check GSA:Hosted!

What is the GSA roadmap?

We're constantly improving the platform. Join our Discord to check out the roadmap channel for more info.

Why is GSA a SaaS platform?

SaaS (Software as a Service) means that you don't have to worry about hosting the platform, or keeping it updated. Since GSA is all about making things easy, the only logical solution was to design a system where customers never have to update the platform. We take care of all that. That's why GSA is a SaaS solution.

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