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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked frequently about RconConnect.

Is RconConnect the right thing for us?

Check out the free demo or connect your existing server for free. That should help you figure out whether GSA is an added benefit to your community.

Is RconConnect free?

You can connect 2 game servers for free. Any additional game servers you may want to add require an add-on subscription.

Can I use RconConnect along with BattleMetrics?

It's currently not possible to use both, since both platforms use the same data. You'll have to pick one or the other.

Can I connect my home-hosted game server?

If your game server is publicly available it should be able to connect. Make sure you forwarded all the required ports!

What games are supported?

See the Compatible games list for more information.

Does it work with LinuxGSM servers?

Yes! GSA is an official LinuxGSM Partner and contributes to the development of LinuxGSM. You can connect LGSM servers with GSA.

Does it work with TCAdmin servers?

It depends on the TCAdmin settings. If the server is properly configured it does work. Check the knowledge base about the TCAdmin FTP settings fix for more information.

Are all GSA features available for RconConnect?

Unfortunately not all features will be available. Check out GSA:Hosted or DediConnect to get all GSA features.

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