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We provide you with a high performance game server. No slot limits. Starting at € 14,99/mo

Powerful dedicated game servers

Say goodbye to noisy neighbours.

TypevCPUMemory (GB)Storage (GB)CPU speedHosted mapsSSD / NVMeSlot limitPrice
Basic17403.5Ghz - 4.2Ghz1SSDUnlimited€ 14,99/mo
Basic214803.5Ghz - 4.2Ghz1SSDUnlimited€ 29,99/mo
Basic3211203.5Ghz - 4.2Ghz1SSDUnlimited€ 44,99/mo
PRO17404.5Ghz - 5Ghz1NVMeUnlimited€ 34,99/mo
PRO214804.5Ghz - 5Ghz1NVMeUnlimited€ 59,99/mo
PRO3211204.5Ghz - 5Ghz1NVMeUnlimited€ 89,99/mo

Click and go!


Simply select your game, map and region and you are ready to have your game server installed for you.

Setting up your game server is as easy as that.

Multi region


Our flexible infrastructure allows you to effortlessly connect servers between all regions.

Travel anywhere, anytime
We ensure automatic, robust synchronisation of servers, regardless of their physical location.

Build for teams

The GameServerApp platform is build with teams in mind.
Automatically protecting you for crossing actions.

Knowledge base

Fully packed with 100+ guides to help you utilize all features.


You provide the hardware and we provide you with the tools.


Control existing game servers using RCON via GSA. Connect 2 servers for free.