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A solution for every community

Admin toolsYesYesYes
Community websiteYesYesYes
In-game deliveryYesYesYes
Supporter tiersYesYesYes
Automatic updatesYesYesNo
Start, stop, restart game serversYesYesNo
Automated backupsYesYesNo
Config templatesYesYesNo
Discord integrationYesYesYes
Discord Server manager*Yes*Yes*No
Starting € 14,99Starting € 24,99First 2 free

*= Requires Add-on

Automate everything

Easily setup automated RCON actions using drag-and-drop editor.

Select specific game server(s) or clusters where this task should be active.

Make donating fun

Encourage players to contribute to server costs with GSA’s monetisation features. Setup your shop in minutes.

Create an in-game and web shop in one go.

Easy Discord integration

Talk to in-game players or run RCON commands from your Discord app.

Get access to powerful commands that allow you to manage your servers.

Connecting Discord is done in an instant. Giving your community a major upgrade.

Works with your favourite games


Know what characters are connected to an account, what they ordered on your shop, and keep track with your team.

With just a click of a button you can kick, ban, whitelist a player or send an item in-game.

Chat log

See everything and filter or search for specific logs.

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