Administrator tools

Know what is happening in your game servers and take actions when needed.

Nothing beats a warm welcome

New players who feel welcome are more likely to stick with your community.

Welcome to *COMMUNITY NAME*, Bob!

Welcome new players with an automatic welcome message. This message is visible to all online players, which encourages a warm welcome.

Tribe MOTD

Allow tribe owners / admins to set a MOTD. This will be displayed automatically when a tribe member comes online.


Know what characters are connected to an account, what they ordered on your shop, and keep track with your team.

With just a click of a button you can kick, ban, whitelist a player or send an item in-game.

Rule gate

“I didn’t know that was against the rules” is a thing of the past.

Group insight

Know what all groups are up to using the online log. You can see all actions and know exactly who broke the server rules.

Chat log

See everything and filter or search for specific logs.

Knowledge base

Fully packed with 100+ guides to help you utilize all features.


We provide you with a high performance game server.


Connect your own dedicated (root) machine with GSA.

Launch free demo server

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