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Choose from various maps

You can choose from a variety of maps. All are available with a single click and are installed fully automated.

“User-friendly tools is what made me change host”

It is rare that a company lives up to its name but surely do. The quality of the support and the user-friendly tool itself is what made me change to this host from my previous.

The server performs excellently with minimal lag even with 100 players online.

All my members are loving the lag free gaming, they are loving the cool features such as automatic greetings
Lisa A.

Easy mod manager

Our servers support mod installation via both the ModID and the steam workshop URL. Paste in all the Mod ID’s you want installed and the platform will take care of the rest.

Mods updated automatically

All the installed mods are automatically updated, when an update is released. The in-game countdown will notify players in advance.

Automatic server updates

Our platform will automatically detect updates for your gameserver. Online players receive multiple reminders about the impending update, allowing them to prepare for a reboot.

Countdown time configuration
Determine how long a countdown period lasts, including 60, 30, 15 or 5 minutes, or as soon as possible.

Easy config

Setup your configurations using the Easy config form. We organised all the different settings into intuitive categories, to make it easier for you to navigate all settings.
Want to upload your config files? Just hit ‘Advanced mode’ to upload and switch back. It will automatically convert into the Easy mode config form.

Automatic configuration
The Easy config form will automatically setup your banlist and include the mods you have installed for your server.

Try before you buy?

No problem! Launch a free demo server that will run for 2 hours and put
it to the test. No payment credentials required

Config templates

No more endless copying and pasting config files. Turn your existing config files into Config Templates and assign a Template to one or multiple servers. Changes made to one Template immediately propagate to all attached servers.

Switch templates anytime
Active templates can be switched in and out with the click of a button.


Pre-configured servers

Get a running start by using one of our pre-configured servers. Choose your favourite settings and get started immediately. Optionally adjust the settings afterwards to customise the experience. See available configurations »

Premium quality for those who need it

“My other server providers would have constant crashing issues, rubberbanding, latency at 200+. On, all of this is gone.”

Dedicated ARK servers

Basic Most popular PRO
Powerfull servers for events, testing, development and small communities. The best hardware that can host 100+ concurrent players, without issues.
Slot limit 255 255
CPU speed 3.5Ghz - 4.2Ghz 4.5Ghz - 5Ghz
Instant setup Yes Yes
Dedicated Yes Yes
Whitelist form Yes Yes
Twitch sub whitelist Yes Yes
Scheduled restarts Yes Yes
FTP access Yes Yes
Unlimited cluster servers Yes Yes
Automatic daily backups Yes Yes
DDoS protection Yes Yes
Free region relocation Yes Yes
48h instant refund periode Yes, on first server Yes, on first server
Starting € 14.99 p/m € 34.99 p/m

Bring your own

Up to 10 gameservers for a fixed fee
Automated installation
OVH & SoYouStart supported
€ 9.99 p/m

“What you are getting in return, it is worth it”

GunSmokeRP wouldnt be the success it is without The amount of back end tools available to server owners and admins is fantastic.

I must say it works exactly as advertised. No more being a slave to your server, I really mean it

The server performs excellently with minimal lag even with 100 players online.

International Cross ARK cluster

Our flexible infrastructure allows you to effortlessly connect servers in North America and Europe in a Cross ARK cluster.

Travel anywhere, anytime
We ensure automatic, robust synchronisation of servers, regardless of their physical location.


Direct FTP access

Make the hassle-free move to from your current system using our Direct FTP Access. You can find your unique FTP details on your server’s dashboard.

Launch free demo server

No payment credentials required.

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