We provide you with a high-performance game server with unlimited slots. Try a free demo game server (no payment info required).

  • Starting at € 14,99/mo per map

  • Unlimited slots

Dedicated resources

Get the best performance with dedicated resources. The CPU & RAM are dedicated to your game server only.

FTP access

You can access your save files and other important game server-related files via FTP.

Mod & plugin support

Installing & automatically updating mods or plugins is easy and accessible to everyone.

Access control

Set up whitelist access, grant admin permissions, and import your existing ban list with just a few clicks.

Uptime monitoring

Automatically receive an alert when a problem is detected with your game server.

Offshore backups

All your backups are automatically stored across our data centers. This ensures you always keep your progress.

Auto-pilot for game servers

How it works

Make your life easier using our auto-pilot for game servers.

Auto-install, update & crash recovery
Ban & whitelist sharing
Automatic (shutdown & update) backups
Auto-install & update mods/plugins
Grant permissions per game server

Access from anywhere, anytime

Compatible with existing game servers and dedicated root machines. We offer dedicated game servers if you don't have any of those.


Admin tools


A helicopter view to help you quickly root out the bad apples. Make your players happy without admin abuse.

Write notes per player & group
Manage whitelist access
Chat logs with filters & search
Rule gate

About admin tools »

Multiple shop options

Sell perks for tokens or real money. Great for playtime rewards or rewarding donors.

No transaction fees
Stripe, Patreon & Paypal
Discount sale & coupon codes
One-time payments & subscriptions
Sell in-game items & much more
About monetization tools »

Auto-pilot for game servers


GSA continuously scans your game servers for problems and updates, including mods and plugins.

Status report to email & Discord
Automated game, mod & plugin updates
In-game FPS & ping logs
About game server tools »

Modern dedicated game servers

Say goodbye to noisy neighbors, slot limits, and ancient control panels.

14 99

per month

Perfect for a group of friends or low population maps.

  • 3.0Ghz+ CPU

  • 6 GB RAM (reserved)

  • Shared resources

  • SSD / NVMe

  • DDoS protected

  • Unlimited slots

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Most popular
29 99

per month

Works great for any new or existing community.

  • 2 vCPUs (3.5Ghz+)

  • 14 GB RAM

  • Dedicated resources

  • SSD / NVMe

  • DDoS protected

  • Unlimited slots

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44 99

per month

When you need more resources than the Founder package.

  • 3 vCPUs (3.5Ghz+)

  • 21 GB RAM

  • Dedicated resources

  • SSD / NVMe

  • DDoS protected

  • Unlimited slots

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Accepted payment methods
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Money back guarantee

Your first GSA:Hosted game server comes with a 48-hour trial. More about trials »

SSL encrypted payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

The listed prices include applicable taxes based on your billing address and are Linux game server prices. Check the GSA:Hosted order page for Windows prices.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about GSA:Hosted.

Why is GSA against selling slot limits?

At GSA, we think "slot limit"-based pricing is one of the worst things the game hosting industry has encountered. Game server providers that offer slot limits host on the same hardware but change the slot limit number for more money. No extra resources, just a digit.

We prefer a modern and honest pricing model, where you pay for the resources you use. So you can set the slot limit to whatever you like!

Do I get a trial period?

When you order your first GSA:Hosted game server, you automatically get a 48-hour trial. You can cancel your server anytime during your trial period to avoid getting charged. When the trial period is up, we will charge your account. NOTE! There is no trial period for prepaid servers.

Can I migrate my existing server to GSA?

Yes, you can! Check out our migration guide for a quick transfer. We made migrating to GSA super easy.

Can I host multiple maps on a game server?

Our game servers can host one map at a time. You can change maps as often as you like. You can order multiple game servers or check out our DediConnect solution for 5+ maps.

How do clusters work?

All GSA:Hosted game servers are automatically clustered. You can not connect a GSA:Hosted cluster with a DediConnect cluster or a cluster hosted outside GSA's network.

How long will a discount apply?

When you buy a game server when a discount is active, the discounted price will remain active for the entire subscription period. When you cancel or switch to a different plan, the deal ends.

Can I switch to other games?

Absolutely! Via the Danger zone section, you can switch to all available games. Some games are available on Linux or Windows only.

Can I install mods/plugins on my game server?

We offer fully automated mod/plugin support for most games. Alternatively, you can install these via FTP.

Can I turn off auto-renewal for my subscription?

After purchasing, you can stop the auto-renewal by clicking "Cancel". The subscription will not renew after the purchased duration ends.

What if I need a bigger or smaller plan later?

You can easily switch to a different plan when needed. Resizing happens automatically. Up & downgrades are compensated using a pro-rate formula. You only pay for what you use.

Can I upload my configs?

Yes! With GSA, you can set up "Config templates". All separate config files are stored in a config template. In addition, you can connect a single config template to multiple servers to upload the configs to all your servers with just one change.

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