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About GameserverApp.com

GameserverApp.com provides the game server tools people need to build their community and manage their game servers. Build with years of game server experience to provide our customers with the best software and hardware available.

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GameserverApp.com was founded by Max, in 2016. Located in The Netherlands, famous for its windmills, wooden clogs, stroopwafels and great weather of course!

“I like talking to customers directly, to better understand what they need. This helps me improve existing tools and come up with new features. As a small company it is much easier to rapidly develop and improve.
Being able to fix issues myself minimises miscommunication and guarantees every helpdesk ticket is replied by someone who knows their stuff. And that makes customers happy!

I am sure some will say hosting companies should have a big helpdesk team, but I disagree. I think the size of a company’s helpdesk is just a reflection of how user-friendly the product is. If you need a lot of staff to explain things over and over, then maybe your product could use some tweaks.”

Please share your feedback, good or bad, because there is always room for improvement!